Conquer the Clutter

Clutter, clutter and more clutter. That would be the best way to describe the house at the moment. I can honestly say that for 2 humans and 4 four legged kids, that we have way to much. At first, I ignored the big monster in the house and just pushed it to the side. I thought it isn’t that bad and we can catch up whenever we want. Now there were areas that we knew that we needed to work on (e.g. the laundry room) and we would try to quickly fix it. Just for it to come back months later.

This year with future events happening, things need to change. I decided to try the home organize challenge for 2017. I am a little bit behind because she started it this week. So I will be starting it next week. I did this challenge a few years ago on this blog and thought it would be a great way for me to hold myself accountable.


We are expecting a little two legged family member in July and I really want to have a handle on the house before then. The only problem is that I am in my first trimester and I have no energy or drive. I am hoping for that burst of energy during the second to help! Lets hope!!


If you are wanting to know more about the challenge, you can check  it out here. She also has a book that you can use that goes along with the challenge. I posted a picture below of the book. You really do not need it but it is great for tips and ideas to help during the process. I will see you guys next week with the first challenge… The Kitchen!!



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