Cinderella – M A C Collection

I had this post scheduled for next Tuesday but it will be out in stores this week. And like all MAC makeup collections, they never stay on the shelves for that long.

If you know me, then you know how much I love Disney! I am not a big fan of Cinderella (more of a Maleficent fan) but I still could never pass on something that is Disney related. When I think of Cinderella and makeup, I think of soft/neutral colors and that it really what you get with this line. MAC is known for their bright and shocking colors and so this is little bit different for them. Or for me at least. ha!


From left to right: Vapour(velvet), Phloof(Frost), Omega(Matte), Quarry(Matte), SatinTaupe(Frost) and Stroke of Midnight(Velvet) (Sold out online)


Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss comes in two different shades- Pearl Varnish (pictured) and Lightly Tauped(not pictured)


Cinderella Pigment Comes in two different shades- Pretty It Up (pictured) and Evil Stepmother( not pictured) I would have to say that the Evil Stepmother is my favorite. It is a great purple shade.


Cinderella Fluidline In shades of Marcoviolet(pictured) and Little Black Tie( not pictured) Do not let the name “Little Black Tie” fool you into thinking you are getting black liner. It is actually a grey/ silver color.


Cinderella Studio Fix Lash in BoldBlack (sold out online)


Cinderella Lipstick in Free as a Butterfly (pictured) and Royal Ball. (both sold out online)


Cinderella Tinted Lipglass in shades Glass Slipper (pictured) and Happily Ever After (both sold out online)


Cinderella Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess (sold out online)


Cinderella Iridescent Powder in Coupe D’chic (sold out online)


Cinderella Glitter in Reflects pearl

As I was writing this post, I noticed that EVERYTHING was sold out online! Well….it looks like I won’t be buying anything 😦

I am posting a video of a review on some of the products that are mentioned on here …..enjoy!


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