November Loot Crate vs. Nerd Block 2014

It is late…we are in December already. We received Loot Crate towards the end of the month so with Thanksgiving and going out of town, there was just no time to post. Then I wondered if I should even post it….but I felt bad not posting it. So here it is!!


Start with Nerd Block..since we got that one first.


1.Deadpool shirt 🙂

2.Iron Man Mug

3.Boba Fett Fan Wraps

4.Plush Robin toy

5.Nerd Block Slap watch of BOO

6. Authentic Signature of Bruce Campbell: I think 1 out of 7 or 8 people got this.

For the month of December, they are giving out another autographed print. It will either be Warwick Davis or Val Kilmer 🙂

Loot crate:


1.Pirates vs. Ninja shirt- “Who would best the other in battle?” Is the question asked this month. What side are you on? Ram and I are for the pirates.

2.Assassin’s Creed IV Unity Coin with velvet pouch – Loot Crate Exclusive

3.Mega Man Mini Helmet

4.Halo Drop Ship Mini Figure

5.Street Fighter Headband

Loot Crate did something different with their box. They gave instructions on how to change it and gave paper cut outs of a street fighter guy and mega man guy to play with. haha

Loot crate for December is all about anniversaries. So there will be something of the Simpsons, batman, Marvel and more!!

So hopefully… I will have the December boxes posted before the New Year!! Lets hope! HAHA


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