Free 5 day Clean Eating Challenge!


Hey guys!Some of you probably are friends with me on Facebook or in other social media outlets, and you know that I am a Beach Body Coach! I love being able to help people and support them through their fitness/weightloss journey. I am starting a Free 5 day Clean Eating Challenge on Dec. 8th! If you are interested email me at or leave a comment!!

Here is more about it!!

What is it?

-Introduction to a cleaner eating lifestyle

-A simple mapped out guideline to create the meals you want and jumpstart results you desire

How does it work?

-You Register to be part of a challenge group starting the 5 day fix supported by a coach to keep you accountable and motivated

-You’re emailed instructions on how to register including being added to a 5 day clean eating challenge group on facebook.

After 5 days what results should I expect?

-Lose waist inches and/or avg 3-10 lb loss

-Gain a new level of energy

-Learn the system of healthier living

-Make new friends from the accountability group

-Gain new tips and ideas on healthy meals/snacks

Who can join?

Anyone 18+ wanting to learn better eating habits and willing to follow instructions and guidelines.

What are the expectations of the challenger?

-Be prepared to do the work of creating your meal plan, grocery shopping, meal prepping the weekend (Thurs-Sun) prior to starting on a Monday as instructed

-Support the group by posting food pictures, providing commenting support, and checking into the group daily for mini challenges, instructions, and more.

Who’s going to be the next challenge?

Next challenge date begins Dec 4th (preparation) and Dec 8 (officially begins)


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