Bespoke Post: Refresh

We are over a week late! Ram received his Bespoke box a few weeks ago and I just haven’t been able to post yet. If you are seeing the Bespoke Post box for the first time, it is a monthly subscription box that is geared toward guys. They do have a shop that sells other items and even items for women.
Now, what makes them different from other subscription boxes is that you can skip months if you do not like what they have to choose from. They also add new boxes each month and it is best to check each month what they have to offer. Back in October, we checked and he wanted to skip this month. On the 1st of every month, they will choose a box for you and you can change it or skip the month.
Well this month, they picked out the Refresh box and it was actually something that Ram really liked.






The run down of everything he got:

Dopp kit by Blue Claw Co.: Made in America.. has a full grain leather handle and pull tab, bronze rivets and zipper, and a blue nylon lining. Then of course the exterior, made from heavy duty 15oz waxed canvas that has been sourced from family run mills in America. 🙂

Shampoo & paste by Mitch : Has a cedar & agave scent

Gold Moss Soap by Dr.Squatch: uses oak moss,freshly ground cocoa and sea salt. (Ram’s favorite)

Face wash by Cremo: pH neutral cleanser that avoids dryness to the face

Lotion & powder by Gold Bond

Toothpaste by Marvis: minty scent and imported from Italy.

Multivitamin by Drinkwel: This is probably the one item he won’t ever use because it is meant for hangovers. But if he was to have a night out and not feeling to well in the morning…just pop these and you should be feeling better!

He pretty much uses everything and is wants to purchase a few of these items in the future.
It is a pretty great box this month and they still have it on the website. If you are interested in this subscription box.. check it out here.


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