October Loot Crate vs. Nerd Block!

photo 6

Back again for this month’s unboxing of Loot Crate but this month is a little bit different! Ram was looking to have boxes come to the door for him and so I found Nerd Block. And I thought these two boxes would be great see which one would win for this month! Let’s start off with Loot Crate!! They are both monthly subscription boxes. Loot Crate is $13.37 + $6 Shipping a month and Ram is getting the Nerd Block Classic and thats 19.99 a month then shipping. They also have other boxes that are cheaper and even ones for kids.

If you saw last month’s post, then you know that this month’s theme is Fear.

So this is what I got…..
photo 8
photo 10

1.Death by Kitten T-shirt: At first, I wasn’t sure that I would like it. Kittens and a shape of a skull? But after seeing it on people it changed my mind.
photo 11

2.Toxic Candy Waste: This is a bonus item and it seems like it is a nasty version of Warheads….:/ haven’t tried it yet.

3.Sledgesaw Hammer Pen: This is a Loot Crate Exclusive and it is also a pen. I have had this box for a few weeks already and last night was the first night it was opened. Ram figured it out. I was to scared to break it! ha!

4.How to Survive a Sharknado Book: Um… yea so I am guilty with actually seeing the first movie. If you don’t know what this is about. Sci-fi makes some amazing high tech movies that involve creatures that do not exist. πŸ˜‰ And I am a sucker for these movies!

5.”Oh,Brother” art print by JSalvador: This a little print is based on the tv show “The Walking Dead.”

6. The Walking Dead (ISSUE 132): The cover is a Loot Crate Exclusive.

7.Slashes and Bites Tattoos : Yea.. not a fan of fake tattoos anymore but maybe if I was going to dress up…

8. Smite Gift Card with a Jack The Reaper Skin.

What the box looks like in the inside…photo 9

Now on to the Nerd Block! Nerd Block usually does not do themes but I guess because it being October they did. They teamed up with Kevin Smith and it was Marvel and DC collide!

photo 4

photo 5

1.WANTED! Jay & Silent Bob t-shirt: This shirt is awesome and I am jealous this is Ram’s shirt. It was selected by Kevin Smith!

2.Patient Notes: This is straight from the Arkham Asylum.
photo 1

photo 2

3.MARVEL VS. DC buttons: It is Spiderman vs. Batman and Wolverine vs. Superman!

4.Captain America Cards: A FX prop Replica, There are two sets and one contains blood stains.
photo 3

5.Zelda Danglers: May not see it in the picture but its hanging on Jay and Silent Bob stickers! ha

6. Jay and Silent Bob stickers!!

7. And save the best for last(or at least to me): Deadpool unmask funko pop!

I liked the kitten shirt and pen from loot crate but I am not a big zombie person so I think this month Nerd Block won. Now…I did get an email on next month’s Lootcrate and the theme is battle!

It says that it will include exclusive Mega-Man and Assassin’s creed collectibles, Halo,Street fighter and more surprises!! So I am excited!! If you want to subscribe to Loot Crate then go here.

If you like to subscribe to nerd block then go here. Also, 1 out of 7 nerd block boxes will have a Bruce Campbell autograph! (not sure why they didn’t do that for october or their Horror block box but whatever)


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