Bespoke Post: Lumberjack Box

If you were to look up subscription boxes online, you will find a long list of boxes for women. To the point that you can get overwhelmed. When looking for a box for my husband, it was a little bit of a different experience. I found boxes that were about socks, ties, razors and etc. Nothing that I really thought Ram would like. There were gadgets boxes but they seemed to be on the cheap side and I didn’t want to get something that I thought wasn’t worth the money. What I did find was the Bespoke Post box. Each month they have a list of different theme boxes to choose from and you can pick one out or have them pick it out. And if you do not like any of the theme boxes for that month you can always skip the month.
For the month of October, I picked out the Lumberjack box. I really thought that this box would be great for him because he has been asking for a hatchet.

What his box looks like before opening.

What it looks like inside.

Ram reading what is inside.




In this box, there were three items.

Hardcore Hammer-18″ Hatchet
Gotham Textiles- Sheath
Remington’s- Gun oil

Ramsey loved all the items in this box and can’t wait to see what November theme boxes are. If you like more information on this box or would like to subscribe then go here.


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