LootCrate August 2014

If you ever spend time on any social media sites, then you probably have seen those boxes that are given each month with goodies inside. I have tried the bark box for the dogs and even thought about joining other ones. But none have yet to catch my attention like LootCrate. If you know me, I love video games and love watching Heroes of Cosplay! Loot Crate is a monthly geek and gamer subscription box and I thought it would be a great idea to show off what I got for the month of August!! What is awesome about this month is that it is Heroes month!!

You if ever join, this is what you will receive in the mail…..photo 4

So when you open the box it looks like this…..

photo 2

photo 3

It looks like the TMNT home!;)

And this is what all came in the box this month…..photo

List of items:
1.TMNT sunglasses (they send out all 4 colors and I got the purple ones)
2.Funko POP! MARVEL Guardians of the Galaxy Groot #49 (Just saw this movie and I fell in love with Groot!!)
3.TMNT Michelangelo OOZE ACTION glow in the Dark series
4.Sonic the Hedgehog Air freshener
5.Deadpool Fave cereal fridge magnet
6.Shwings…. you can have lightning bolts on your shoes.
7.Bonus Digital Loot-which include Doctor who legacy, Defense Grid the Awakening and Gauntlet. Basically, you can unlock certain items for these games.
8.LOOT CRATE button for the month of August.
9.HEROES issue 13 August 2014- which tells you about each item in the box and also about the month theme.

This month was great and I can’t wait to see what next month will be. This post was just for fun and I thought it would be great to share this with you!!

If you like to join LootCrate then click here!


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