Got lost in E3 madness!~

E3 was this week and I was so lost in it that I forgot to post. Sorry!

Here are some of my favorites from E3. *I am a Xbox 360 Kinect owner so most of my favorites will be xbox stuff*

Metal Gear Solid 5

Dead Rising 3

Rsye:Son of Rome

And now for the top 2, I am really looking forward too:

Dragon Age Inquisition (eeekkkk can’t wait!)

Best one for last!

Halo 5 🙂

So those are just some of my favorite games that previewed at E3. But the biggest topic to come out of E3 is the new PS4 and Xbox one.

Each one has its own positives and negatives.

-PS4 is cheaper than the Xbox One
-PS4 is open to used and borrowed games
-Xbox One has Xbox Live, which has been able to stay ahead of Playstation.
-Xbox One has Kinect/SmartGlass.

We are owners of Xbox and will probably stay loyal to it. But I would love to hear from people and their views on the Xbox One and PS4. And anything else that went on this week!!


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