Sports Bra Review: Ta Ta Tamer ll

*Images are not mine and belong to lululemon athletica


When I workout, I have to always wear two sports bras. Having two on is a pain but I need them. If I don’t wear two then I have no support. When I have two on, the straps tend to cut into my skin and after a while the bras tend to hurt everywhere.

So the search for a sports bra to hold these DDs was on!! I went through a couple of sites and kept finding the ta ta tamer from lululemon. I was shopping this past week for gifts and decided to stop by the lululemon store in Town & Country. I found it and was having second thoughts on getting it because the price was $58! I decided to get it and try it out.

The straps can actually be changed for better support and if you like having them crossed or not. The color you see here and the same color I got and I love it!! (Bra color: beach blanket blue)



What best workout to do and try it out? Insanity!!
My husband and I did the fit test and I can honestly say….that not once did I even feel or had a problem. No back problems, no more painful straps digging into my skin and I could breathe!! There was full coverage and I had no worries about anything popping out!

If you are looking for a good sports bra then you should try it out!!


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