DIY: Chalk painted Mason Jars


Yesterday was a rainy and windy day! I thought it would be great to stay in and just do a DIY project! I have this pinned in my pinterest DIY board and wanted to have something for the table Ram and I made. It took about 2 hours to get all four painted. That includes making the paint into chalk paint.

How to make chalk paint:

1.Paint (in the color you want)
2.Unsanded grout
3.Stirring stick,container, water

1.For every 1 cup of paint you will need 2 tbsp of grout. Mix water and grout until there are no lumps.
2. Add paint and stir.

And then you have chalk paint to paint with!!
What I love about chalk paint is that it is thicker than regular paint and you do not have to prime the things you paint. Using sand paper can give the old weathered look on the jars and furniture.

Any questions on this project or chalk paint..let me know!!


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