A True Love Story!~

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Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be great to finally tell the story about how Ramsey and I met. He also wanted to tell his view on how we met so enjoy!


My story: So we were introduced years ago, around 2004-2005, so we knew of each other for awhile. We met at the Katy Rice Harvest Festival and each year we would run into each other because of our parents knowing each other. His work helps each year with cleaning up the grounds so I knew he would be there every year. He was that guy that I would seek out each year because I thought he was hot. Of course, I never had the courage to speak to him. So when I finished college and moved back to Katy, I wondered if he still lives in Katy. I found his myspace and sent him a message.

Yeah… I know…Myspace.:( I don’t know why I didn’t look him up on Facebook. So now was the waiting game because he had not been on for awhile so I was scared that he would never see it. I had almost given up, when I got a message from him. He gave me his phone number and told me to contact him. I decided to wait until the next day to text him (didn’t want to sound desperate). We decided to hang out on Saturday during the Rice Harvest Festival.

We ending up hanging out at the Rice Harvest during the day and he bought me a belt and matching bracelet for my birthday(Saturday was my birthday 10/10). Then at night, we went to the movies and saw Zombieland!! After the movie, we went back to the Rice Harvest and I met one of his brothers that night. When we started to leave, he played Josh Turner’s In my dreams and we danced to it. This song would later be our song at our wedding. 🙂

A year after our first date, Saturday night during the bands changing on the main stage at the Rice Harvest Festival, my husband brought me up on stage to hand out bead necklaces but he actually brought me up there to ask me to marry him. I think we all know what my answer was!! I said Yess!!!!


His story: Can’t remember the day but I came back to the office and decided to check my Myspace account. I am glad that I did because I had not been on it in months. I had a message from a gorgeous young lady. I was excited cause I had all but given up on meeting any one that could fall in love with this guy.I had met Christine years before and every year my company helps clean up the grounds at the Rice Harvest Festival and she would be passing out stuff with her mom, who worked for KCM, at the time. I’ll be honest, I could of done more working than standing. Back then, she either had a boyfriend or I had a girlfriend but you never know what the future holds.

Fast forward to 2009, at a desk at my work, reading a message from Miss Perfect. So I said why not? Maybe she’s trying to build something here so I sent a small message back with my number. By accident, I played it cool because she sent the message at least a week earlier. So my hasty reply didn’t seem desperate. The next day went dragged by slooowwly. I must of checked my phone 1,000 times to see if there was any calls or texts. Well, that day I was in a chemical plant, Sweeny East Land Farm to be exact, on a log waiting for a tow truck and all of a sudden there was a text. I must have jumped 100 times and yelled “She texted me!”

The exact moment we met: I had finished the morning work I had to do.So the moment of meeting happened at the South West corner of the Rice Harvest Food tent. She was wearing a black, blue and white plaid shirt with blue jeans and her favorite shoes (converse). We walked around looked at booths and bought her a belt and making bracelet that caught her eye. A bold first date move and a hundred dollars later… It was getting late and I was cleaning the passenger side of my truck (just throwing it in the back seat,HAHA) when I found my Josh Turner CD. I wanted to play her a song and dance in the parking lot. She said yes and we danced to “In my Dreams.” In two years, she wasn’t wearing a plaid shirt and jeans but a beautiful wedding dress and we were dancing to the same song as Husband and wife.

There ya go!! That is the story on how we met!



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