Meet the Kids :)

Our doggies of course!! 🙂

I thought I would introduce the three kiddos!!

I will start with the Queen of the house. The one that I had to win over in the beginning!

Duchess (Duch,The Duchess,Duchagirl)

duchessduchess 2duchess3

She is the oldest(about 5 or 6 yr. old). And one of the smartest and sweetest dogs I know.She is a border collie/ blue heeler mix. And is a big part of Ramsey’s world and if she didn’t like me then I would not have had a chance. She likes tennis balls, bones, and stuff animals. All day, she will wait at the door for her Daddy to come home.

Bruce (Bruce Boy, Big boy)


Now,when we got Bruce(will be 3 this year), we were told he was 5 weeks old. We actually think he was younger than that. His mother was hit but a truck when he was 2 weeks old. He is a mix of ?????? not really sure. We thought he would be a little bit bigger than Duchess but we were wrong. He is double her size. He thinks that he is my protecter and also is my shadow. He loves tennis balls!!

Stella (Stella girl, Stella wella, little girl)




Image 1

Stella (turns 2 this year) is actually the offspring of both Duchess and Bruce. She is one out of 7 puppies and is one out of two that look blue heeler. We thought that she would grow out of the awkward puppy stage…yea…she’s still awkward. She loves all toys and also socks. She also loves helping take out the trash. I’ll have to make a video of it because it is hilarious! When I was looking for pictures of her now, I realized she never faces the camera. I guess I will have to work harder on this. haha

If you are ever around us, you will probably hear a million stories about them!! So beware!! 🙂


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