Oliver gets a make over!!

Back in 2010, the Oliver 1265 tractor got a make over. It is one of the tractors that my husband uses in his mowing acreage business. The Oliver was built in the 1970s and so it has just a little bit of age on it.;)

I knew I had a picture of it before the makeover and I finally found one on my old laptop. So here you go!!!…


I really can not remember it looking like that!! And that is my sister driving it!

Now on to some of the pictures of the process on making it look new!





For most of the process, I stayed inside and let the guys do their thing. So I honestly can’t go into detail on everything that happened. I know that some of the parts for the outside of the tractor came back a different shade of green so Paul had to paint over that color with the actual Oliver green. There were tractor parts hanging from the tree outside and the house always had people over.
I kinda miss it! haha

So now for the new Oliver!!


A big change from the first picture!! Now, my husband and his friends put a lot of hours in on this tractor. It was going to be used for the Rice Harvest Festival that year. Little did I know… that weekend would also be the weekend that Ramsey would ask me to marry him! It was on Saturday, on the main stage between bands! So there were tons of people there to watch!! It was crazy and I was very very nervous!! haha

Well, I hope you like the pictures and if you want to know about the process and what they did just send me a message or comment. I will have Ramsey answer them!!


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