Bzzagent: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Time for another bzzagent campaign!! This one can to me at the right time!! The weather here in Houston,Tx. has been a mix between cold and warm. One day it’s warm then the next day it’s freezing!! So my hands have been dry and not looking so well.

Right away, I noticed a difference with how they looked and felt when applying the hand cream. I thought that I would show you the process.

Image 2

This is the before the nail polish and lotion.


Nail polish and lotion!

Image 1

Final product.

I loved how it was not a running lotion. It was a thicker lotion that I didn’t worry about getting everywhere. I also liked how I didn’t get more than what I wanted. Sometimes when trying to get lotion out of the bottle, I tend to get more than what I wanted. So this was great!!
I would really recommend this product if you like a lotion to help with dry or cracking skin! I had never used this product before bzzagent and I would have to say that I will be using this in the future.


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