Bzzagent: Stella Artois Campaign

This is my second campaign as a Bzzagent and I loved it. Who wouldn’t want to test out a chalice for Stella Artois?!?!

They have 9 steps to follow to enjoy the taste of the beer. I tried following the first time and didn’t get any foam because I didn’t have it angle the right way. It’s okay though because I am not a big tons of foam person. So I tend to try and not having any when I pour. So the second time, I was able to follow all the 9 steps and I felt that it tastes the same the first time I poured. Now, I would say that it tastes better in the chalice than from the bottle or beer glasses that we have at home. From now on… I would prefer the chalice over other glasses and the bottle. Next time you are out, try Stella Artois in a chalice!! You won’t regret it!!


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