Home Improvement 2013

If you have ever been to the house, then you know that it is a fixer upper! That is why I am making 2013 the Home Improvement year!! Yay!! There are a lot of things to be done inside and outside. So today, I will be making a list of rooms and other areas that need work done. Now, not everything will be done in 2013 because it is just not enough time to do everything. But it is a start!


repaint house
change out old boards
add new gutters
new patio
new garage doors
new/fix side door

Laundry room- new doors, add table and organize, paint and redo cabinets

Kitchen- everything!! new cabinets,counters,sink,blinds and add more storage space

Living room- paint walls, paint fireplace, new blinds and furniture

backroom- everything! Probably going to tear down and start over. It’s a mess!

bathrooms- guest bath- new sink/counter. bath tub and tile
master bath:add shower curtain, door,and decorate

Dining room- add furniture, paint walls, and decorate

Hallway- hang stuff

guest bedroom- paint walls, add furniture

Office- paint walls, organize and decorate

Master bedroom- paint walls, paint cabinets, and decorate

Okay… so every room needs something done and not everything will be done in next year but I at least plan on getting started now. I will update on what room I am in and what it looks like once it is finished! : )


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