DIY: Framed First House Key

Finally a DIY project!! It feels like it has been forever!! Today is about the first house key! I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to try it out! So here we go!!

Okay… so I started out with these frames.

I really liked the one on the right for this project.

Then on to the old house key and other supplies.

Supplies: Paint (color: Royal Blue), paint brush, and key.

Find a graphic you like to have in the frame. I picked out this one. I got it here.

Cut it out and fit it to the frame.

Now on to the key!!

I dabbed the paint on the key because then you can not see any lines or the metal underneath.

Trust me. It looks a lot better once it dries!

Looks better!!

Now that it is dry. I can glue it to the graphic. I used just basic glue. And now the finished product!!

I love it! And if you have any questions about the process, just ask!!


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