Dirty Girl Mud Run and Motivation Monday~

This past weekend was the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Houston, Tx. My sister and I were just two out of thousands of women who came out. We both had a blast!!
When we got there we registered and got our packets! The packets were a necklace with a charm, a shirt, and our number to pin on our shirts. We then checked in our bags that held our clothes to change into afterwards. Our mom was there to take pictures of us before and after and to cheer us on.
Here is a picture of us before…

After we checked our bags in then we went and waited till our wave (11:15 wave) came up. The DJ was awesome and we had the song Feel so Close by Calvin Harris to get us pumped!! We had a few water pits, a cargo net, hay stacks, a few different walls and a whole bunch more! It was great and I can say that on Sunday I woke up and felt it!! haha

Here is us afterwards….

I had a great time and I can not wait to do it again!!

Here are some pictures to motivate you this week!


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