Birthday Outfits!!

Today is my birthday!! Whoo hoo!! If you want you can go through my wish list on my pinterest and get me something?!?! 🙂 Just kidding!! But no really…..

I picked out two outfits that I would love to wear on my bday!

During the Day:

Isn’t this outfit so cute?! I am a jean lover and feel like this outfit is cute but comfy. Which is two things I look for when picking out something for during the day. I found this outfit on Polyvore and it was made by sviney.

Night time:

This outfit is a great outfit for a nice birthday dinner. Who doesn’t love a little black dress? And the shoes and accessories make it look even more amazing!! This outfit was made by hfrost @polyvore.

Well, those were my two picks. If you like to see more of the outfits that I like you can check out my outfit board on my Pinterest.


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