Week 13: Organize Files in your house

Its week 13! Sorry for not posting. I took a little break from the blog to kinda relax and not stress!!

This week is setting up your files so that you can find things that you will need at another time. I started making our files at the starting of the year. Besides my husband and I, we have three dogs and I am always going crazy on which one needs what and when to go to the vet. So I started a file on each one so I can just bring that file with me to the vet just incase I will need to look up something.

I also started files for the home…. an inventory sheet and also a repair folder for anything that we need done.

Don’t forget a medical one. I have one for each of us along with all medical information that we need.

Here is a list to get you some ideas:
Medical file
Home maintenance
Insurance polices
Automobile documents
Credit card documents
Banking records
Vital documents

I hope this can give you some idea of what to make files for. I am also keeping these in the office in the house so I know where I can find them!

Here is the link for more info.


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