Week 10: Create a Home Mail Organizer Center

Everyone gets mail and its the one thing that piles up in my house. I always have stacks of it in my living room waiting for me to go through it. I actually have some right at home waiting for me. :/ So this week is much needed in my home.

Growing up my mom always had a table in the entry way so when you walked in that is where the mail would go. Now that I am all grown up and in a house of my own I have to think of a place to put my mail. My entry way is small and when you walk in there are four door ways. To the right, there is the closet door and after that is the hallway. In front of you there is the living room and on the left is the dining room.There really isn’t a place to have a table to put anything on when you first walk in. So I would have to find something small enough or make a place in my living room.

Right now this is how I sort our mail.
Pile 1- everything that is important. (bills,family cards, bank & etc.)
Pile 2- things I want to keep and look at later( coupons, ads and so on)
Pile 3- stuff that will be trashed ( Credit card offers and junk mail)

Home storage Solutions has many more ways of helping you to organize a space to sort and organize your mail. Go here.


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