Week 9: Create a Simple Address Book and Organize Contact Information

This week is creating a simple address book and organize contact information. During the wedding planning, I had tons of addresses and phone numbers and I realized that I needed to try and keep up with all these.Not just for the wedding but also for Christmas and birthdays.

I am still working on my address book and I have decided to have it on paper and also on my computer.
The reason why I want two different forms is so that if I lose one then I have a back up. Also, my paper form will mostly contain all the important numbers and addresses while my computer will contain all. It really is up to you and how you like to keep up with information. I still like to use paper and pen to keep track of stuff and sometimes use my phone or computer.

I am also working on a binder for the house. That is where I will keep all my recipes for the week, cleaning schedule and all emergency and important contacts. I will hopefully have it finished soon and post it on here.

At the bottom, I will have a button to take you to the site for more information on creating a simple address book!

52 Week Organized Home Challenge


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