Week 8: Healthy Meal Planning & Creating Grocery Shopping list

This week is about Healthy Meal Planning & Creating a grocery shopping list. If you remember I have already made two posts about how I make my meal plans for dinner and you can easily do the same for your other meals and snacks during the the day.

My first post: My Menu Planning

My second post:Part 2

If you have been following my weekly posts on organizing then you should be prepared for meal planning. You should already know what you have in your pantry and etc. Also, you should have your recipes and coupons ready too. Having everything done will make it easy for you to get your meals in order. 🙂

This is Home Storage Solutions Week 8 link: Week 8

They give you a grocery list print out or if you would like to use the ones that I have then go to Clean Mama website:)

Have fun and if you want any more information let me know!


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