Week 7: Organize your coupons!!

Wow! Already week 7! This weekend went on way to fast! If you haven’t heard Whitney Houston passed away this weekend. So sad 😦 Rip!

Getting back to week 7. Home Storage Solutions is focusing on organizing coupons. I could probably go on and on about how to do this but I feel that they break it down pretty well. They give you some different ways to organize them. I think its up to you and how you like to keep track of things. I have a little expandable coupon organizer that I use because it can hold a good amount of coupons and I can just put it in my purse and have it on me at all times.

I did start collecting all coupons and was going to need to find something bigger to store all of them but I decided that I would probably never use all of them and it really would never save me money doing it that way. So here are some pointers. Now these are people who are starting out or just looking to save on what they need to buy on products that use.

1. Collect only coupons on things you like and will use. (You don’t want to buy things that you will never use or like because then it is a waste of money and your time.)
2.Choose the best way of organizing them. You can use binders, filing boxes,the expandable folder I use or anything else you would like to use.
3.Keep updated on when coupons expire. I have lost track a few times and realize it once I am at store. 😦
4. Don’t let it over take your time. When you start noticing that you spend more time with coupons than people you love then it might be a problem. haha
5. Don’t get mad or angry when your savings are not as big as the ones on tv.
6. Have fun and do this to help bring down your food budget!

I hope some of these tips help you and don’t forget to check out the website for more info.


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