Week # 6 Create a Home Recycling Area

Hi everyone! It was a crazy weekend for me! I had a birthday party and Superbowl party and then the regular weekend stuff to go along with it all!

Okay! So today is starts the 6th week in the weekly organizing your home Challenge!

I have always wanted to recycle but never really knew where to go or the best way to keep it organized. Growing up we actually had curb recycling. Where the a recycling truck would come by and pick up the recycled stuff we had collected that week. So now that I live in another party of the city, they do not collect at the curb. So I had to search for a recycling center near by. On their website, they list off items that you can recycle that you would have to pay a fee like tires. And then they listed items that would not cost you like paper and plastic. It also lets you know how they take things. Like milk cartons need to be cleaned out and lids off.

So if you do not know where to go. Just search online for ones near you and also make sure to check what they will take and not take. It will save you a lot of time.

On the Home Storage Solutions site, not only is it about recycling this week but also gives you ideas about trash that can not be recycled.

I have added the button on the end of this post to send you to the site.

Havee fun organizing!!

52 Week Organized Home Challenge


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