My Menu Planning 2

Last week, I showed what I use to help me plan out what I will make for next week’s dinners. And since today is Friday, I decided to show you my menu for next week. I’m a little nervous! Haha* Sorry for the bad pictures.. I used my phone!! And sorry for any misspelling… I am the only one that usually will see these! 🙂

Okay, I start out with the work sheet for the week. Here it lists each day along with lines at the bottom to put what I will need to buy. On Friday, I have everything I need to make the meal so I have a line through it. Sunday is my free day. That means it is open to go out and eat or just make something at the house.

After I have each day’s dinner picked out then it is on to the my shopping list.

Here is where I transfer everything I will need to buy. On some items, I have a number by them so that I know that I will need to get more than one of that item. After I have everything that I will need for the dinners then it is onto adding things that I will need or want to buy. For example, cleaning supplies and lately Ram has been wanting something sweet so I will try and find something for him. I might also add some more fruit and vegs later. I hope that this helps you with figuring out how to make your weekly meals and if you have any questions email me at !


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