Week # 5 How to Organize Recipes and Cookbooks

It’s week 5 everybody!! On to organizing all those recipes that you have collected over the years!! I know that I really need to do this. When cleaning out my spice cabinet, I ran into all the recipes that I have collected and just tossed on my top shelf. Of course, the thought of going through them has crossed my mind. I just tend to forget too.

Now if you are new to viewing my blog and want to know where all this weekly stuff is coming from. I found this linkfrom pinterest on 52 Weeks to an Organized House.

A long time ago, when I first moved in with Ramsey, I started a binder with recipes that I wanted to try. I actually made a few and some have become favorites. I want to keep those and probably get rid of the ones we didn’t like or I will never make. I would have to say that over the past two years I have grown a lot when it comes to recipes. I used to pick out the ones that were easier and had less stuff to use to make it. Now the more the better!

So back to the binder… I will probably have to upgrade and get a bigger one because the one I have is too small to fit all of them. I am a fan of printing off recipes so many of mine will be from online.
Last week, I talked about how I find recipes from pinterest and foodgawker.com so I will have to go through them and find the ones that I have made and love and print those out. Lately, I have been cooking with my laptop in the kitchen and I would really like to avoid that as much as possible.
Would not like something bad happening!!

So this week, I will be working on that! Do you have any ideas that you would like to share? I would love to hear them!!

Below is the link…
52 Week Organized Home Challenge


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