My Menu Planning

Today is Friday!! Yay! We made it to the end of the week! Which for me. means to start planning what to make for dinner next week! I like to plan out what I will be making for next week on Fridays because then I can do most of the shopping on Saturday after the gym.
I like to get half of the weeks shopping list done on Saturday and finish it up on Tuesday. Just so that everything is fresh and doesn’t go bad and so I can make sure I am on track with the budget for the week.

To start it off. I like using my pinterest board and to help get ideas for my meals.

I use this sheet from Clean Mama to help plan out my meals for each day. The top portion, I use to put what meals and sides that I will have and then on the blank lines I write out what I will need to buy at the store.

When I am done filling out that sheet then it is on to my next sheet.

This is my shopping list which I also got from Clean Mama. ( I will have a link to her site at the end.)
I like this sheet because I like being able to have items in groups and I like the boxes that I can use to mark off what I have already.

Tip: I like to make sure to check my inventory logs to make sure what I already have at home so that I am not buying double and spending more than I should.

I started planning my dinner meals a few weeks ago and I love it! I like being able to just go home and start cooking without having to rush to the store everyday and also not having to spend time everyday trying to think of what to make for tonight’s dinner. It also helps me make nicer and healthier meals for my husband and I. It is just one less thing that I have to think about during the day. I hope that this helps people out and make life easier. If you like the sheets that I use then head over to Clean Mama! Below is her button!


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