Week # 4: Organizing refrigerator and freezer!

Today is monday and we all know what that means!! The start of another weekly Organized Home Challenge!!

This week it is organizing the refrigerator and freezer! I thought that this week I would give a run down on how I like to clean out my kitchen and what new things that I learned from the challenge that I will start to do.

Weekly Clean out
Every week, I like to get rid the old food, ei. take out, left overs and anything I see going bad.
I usually do this on a Thursday because Friday is our trash day and I do not like having trash full of food sitting out for it to go bad and smell. Also, I would like to avoid any night critters to get to it.

While I am going through my fridge, I like to have my sink full of hot water with soap ready for any containers that need to be soaked. Once they are soaked, I clean them and have them sit out and dry.

Monthly Clean out

I read somewhere to atleast deep clean your refrigerator once a month. So I like to try and do that as much as possible.

To start out, once all take out and left overs are already out, then its onto taking everything out to clean! I like to start off with the top and work to the bottom. Also, do not forget the side door!! I tend to forget sometimes!!

Once everything is clean and looking new, that’s when you can start figuring out where you want everything to go. I like to have all my drinks on the bottom and then a shelf where take out and fast food go.

The website also has a cheat sheet and inventory log to help you with this clean out. When it comes to the freezer, I pretty much stick to the same outline that I use when cleaning the fridge.

I hope that I was able to give some insight and ideas on how to clean out your fridge and freezer!


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