DIY Project!

So for my cousin’s baby shower I wanted to make something that would last for a while and as her little girl grew up she could keep in her room. I will keep updating this post but I wanted to at least have something for you all to read today!

I thought that I had taken pictures with my phone but it seems it is on my camera so this weekend I will post pictures!

How to:
I got the letters from Hobby lobby along with the paint and paper.
I used scrapbook paper because there seems to be more to choose from.
I first painted each letter the color I wanted for each letter.
Then I let them dry.
After drying, I then outlined the letter to the back of the paper so I could then cut it out.
Because of the curves being thin I decided on using an x acto knife. But its up too you.
I used mod podge on the back of the paper and then placed on the letter.
Make sure to get rid of all air bubbles!!
Wait for it to dry and then mod podge over the paper and you can also do it to the whole letter if you like.

Then dry and there you go!!


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