Week 3:Kitchen pantry and food storages areas.

Today is the starting of week 3 of the 52 weeks to an organized home. Is it weird that I am really excited? haha* I was not able to get to all my cabinets this weekend so I will have to keep at it.
I am noticing that I have more room than I thought I had before and I am loving it!

I ordered a few things from Bed Bath and Beyond to help organize my cabinets and pantry. The reason why I did was because we recieved a lot of giftcards to BBB from the wedding and so I am using some to help organize the house!
That doesn’t mean that you have too! You can organzize and clean and not need to buy things to organize. If you have an idea of what you want it to look like it then I would slowly start out but try and focus more on the cleaning and organzing without buying stuff because you can always do that later.
You do not want to get overloaded and crash and burn!

Also, last week I made a post about the inventory logs (here)and this is a great time to use one! I think the website to the Challenge they have one that you can print for free!!

Below is the button to the website of the challenge!
Have fun!
52 Week Organized Home Challenge

*Also the main picture is not mine or my pantry! I wish it was though!


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