My Kitchen Inventory Log

To go along with this week’s challenge,Pinterest of the Month, I thought that using the Kitchen Inventory log would be a great help with organizing my kitchen cup boards and cabinets.

I actually bought the sheets from Clean Mama. She has an etsy site that you can go to and buy her New Menu planning set or you can get her 2012 Cleaning set( which I got).

I have a refrigerator, freezer and pantry inventory list. I will be using the pantry one to keep track of what spices I have.
Yesterday, I started cleaning my cabinets and cupboards.(I know, I am behind) I started with my spices and made an inventory of what I had. I actually had doubles on some of my spices! So actually taking the time to go through them has helped me because I know that I will not need to buy any more of those for a while! ha! I decided to make that whole area my baking area. Mainly, because I have my Kitchen aid stand mixer in that corner along with other things that I use to bake. It really helps alot because I am able to pull from other cabinets making more space to organize the other cabinets when I get to them.
I will try and posts pictures up next week. I plan on kicking some butt in the kitchen this weekend!!


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