Cakes and more cakes

So next month, I will be looking at picking out my vendor who will be making my cake. I think I have it down to one baker and that is They have served the venue that I am having it at so it should be no problem getting them to come out. I am picking them because they have been around for awhile and are a ma and pa kind of place so it just fits!

Now on to the actually cake!! My colors are blue and brown and so I want to bring them into the cake as much as possible without it looking to busy or crazy.
I am going to list a few ideas of what I like.

The first picture is of one that I like the actual print they have on the cake itself.

I am not much into just having round tiers so I am thinking about have it squared tiered.

I also love the satin that is wrapped around the cake tiers also.

I also like having the initial S as the top of the cake. Like, how this G is the topper on this cake.

This cake has the satin and blue color I am looking for. And is also squared tiered. So this is probably the one that I will use to get my final design for my cake from!

**all pictures came from The Knot website**


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